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Our wedding industry is filled with numerous talented vendors. Nobody understands how hard our industry works as much as we do! This is how TopVendor Wedding Awards (TWA) was started and why we are so passionate about it.

At the end of the day TopVendor comes down to one thing. YOU - the wedding industry. It has always been, and always will be about promoting your business. We want our platform to be a place where all our participants can receive exposure and recognition for their business and excellent work.

BUT we want to encourage to think bigger than just your own business. We have such a talented wedding industry. We want you to be inspired by your fellow members. We want you to see the potential and benefits of collaborations. We want you to be able to learn from each other and each other’s experiences. We want to help create a wedding community of like-minded individuals where no matter what the outcome of the awards is, we can all improve and benefit from participating together.

So by taking the bold and courage step to enter your work and becoming part of our wedding community you are saying: ”Here I am, this is my business, my talents and my creative work, what do you have to offer and what can I learn from you.”


  • South Africa’s talented wedding industry
  • The importance of providing quality service to clients
  • Recognising, rewarding and showcasing excellent work
  • Setting benchmarks to inspire excellence
  • The power of working together and learning from one another
  • Fair and friendly competition between peers


  • Create a platform to recognise and showcase the most creative individuals in the country.
  • Members can also enter our online competitions and become part of the business and attribute awards.
  • Using market research and expert feedback from the top players in the wedding industry we provide selection criteria for entry into the various award categories
  • Our awards provides fantastic recognition to our participants, as the public, the industry, your fans, and other participants fans can support and vote for you!
  • Organise networking sessions for our participants, to meet new industry friends and learn from each other.
  • Generate media awareness and publicity for the achievements of our participants and sponsors


Becoming one of the members will provide you with a platform to compete and showcase your business and work. Whether you are a participant, finalist or winner in our awards, our main aim is for the public and industry to see your work and that our platform becomes a great resource for couples to use when planning their weddings.

We are currently working on the 2018 awards section of our platform. There are changes that we would like to make to improve on the previous award year's experiences. Once this has been done, we will share more information.


It is standard protocol in many industries to charge a nominal membership fee. Paying for the membership fee will never affect the outcome of the awards as winners are determined by the rigorous client voting system and our broad, diverse and expert judging panel.

We feel that our membership fee is a great investment to make in light of the considerable advertising/marketing value that is offered in return via TWA. Every platform and awards system needs to be funded to be sustainable, whether it be through advertisers, sponsors, entry fees or a combination of some or all of these things. From our extensive research prior to setting up the awards and experience the last three years, we believe a nominal membership fee is the fairest way to ensure a level playing field for all entrants. It ensures that smaller businesses can compete fairly with larger, more established companies.

We are often criticised about the membership fee and that the awards can only be fair if EVERY single wedding vendor in the industry is a participant. It might also seem unfair that the fee will not allow some wedding vendors to compete. If TWA attracts 500 entries (not even close to every wedding vendor in the country) that doesn’t mean that the TWA is unfair. With or without an membership fee, there will always be some vendors who choose not to enter the awards for various reasons. Many vendors, for whatever reason, choose not to enter TWA and an membership fee does not alter the situation.

The key to fairness are the voting and judging processes. The TWA voting and judging processes are rigorous and fair to all involved and this is at the core of what we are trying to do. An industry awards system where every wedding vendor is involved is unrealistic but this does not mean that an awards system that does not involve every wedding vendor (for whatever reason) is unfair.


Follow these simple steps to join the TopVendor extended family...

Become a member

  • We love our wedding industry and would love to showcase your business and creative work on our platform. Once you pay the once-off membership fee, you are a member of our platform. As a member you will receive an online profile to showcase your work.

Create and complete your company profile

  • Send a description of yourself and your business.
  • Send your contact details and web links.
  • Provide us with recent photos to showcase your work.

As a member you can enter our awards

  • As a member you can decide if you would like to enter the awards section. (Being a member does not guarentee entry in the awards as their are selection criteria for categories)
  • We are currently working on the 2018 awards section of our platform. There are changes that we would like to make to improve on the previous award year's experiences. Once this has been done, we will share more information.
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Register for the 2018 Awards

  • Pay the registration fee for your awards year.
  • Send us your details
  • Receive your TopVendor branding badges to brag about your new entry.

Industry Party

  • We will have a industry event to celebrate the year!
  • Be sure to clear your calendar and book your tickets (ticket price to be confirmed at a later date) for this glamourous event.
  • Put on your best outfit and enjoy an amazing evening of celebration with us... can't wait to see you there!

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