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Top Wedding Blog - 2017 Winner

Mooi Troues is a premium Afrikaans directory and online wedding publication. With today’s busy lifestyles it is important that our readers can get access to wedding advice and inspiration online any place any time and that is exactly what Mooi Troues is all about.

Our reader’s gets free access to our advice online and do not have to pre-register to be able to read, which makes us even more popular. All our articles and features gets published in Afrikaans and majority of our readership are based in South-Africa even though you can find Mooi Troues all over the world on any device that is connected to the internet.

Mooi Troues focus on the South-African bride to be and couples who are planning their wedding and we give them important advice, inspiration-ideas through unique planned styled shoots, stationary ideas, free downloadable designs they can print for their wedding which saves them costs on the long run and DIY projects.

Mooi Troues also have a Directory where brides-to-be can fine their wedding vendors quick and easy without having to leave the Mooi Troues website. We are a one stop shop for the Afrikaans couple who are planning their wedding. We worked together with some amazing publications and have been mentioned in a couple of magazines including; Sarie-Tydskrif, Huisgenoot, You and Bella-Tydskrif and we also did weekly slots of inspiration on Radio Sonder Grense.

It is Mooi Troues-team’s effort and motto to supply free of charge wedding advice to couples who are getting married soon and are busy planning their wedding.

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