La Petite Patisserie

Passionate food created by innovative ideas

TopVendor Member & Best Wedding Cake Finalist 2017

La Petite Patisserie is a food consultant and development company, creating new and fresh ideas every month. We are based in Cape Town, creating the most beautiful designs for Wedding Cakes and trending food ideas for our industry. Not only do we supply the Wedding market, but we also believe in sharing our ideas and concepts with others.

Our Food Academy was created 6 years ago to develop people's talent and abilities into valuable skills. If you ever wanted to bake bread, make delicious french pastries or bake a cake then these short courses would be ideal. We present a National Certificate in Cake Decorating to any potential Wedding Cake Decorator out there. Our love for people, creativity and a passion for food is what we believe in.

    • Debbie Lourens Photography
    • Ronel Kruger Photography

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