Floom Floral Design

We create unique floral designs for weddings & special events

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Floom floral design came to life as a creative outlet for our love of beautiful things. We love creating artful and fresh visual designs and strive to deliver unique floral creations for every occasion. Beauty is often found in the unexpected and strange places. We are interested in finding the odd and interesting things, always adding something different to make our floral arrangements truly unique.

Pushing boundaries and creating something different for each event is our aim. By only using real flowers, we take you on a sensory trip on your special day. Always trying to use local and indigenous flowers in a new and fresh way and being conscious of the environmental impact of each action, recycling hardgoods to create a smaller footprint. It is very important to us to get to know the style and personality of the wedding couple to give you a product true to your style. We aim to give the best flowers for your budget, always respecting the client. If you use Floom floral design for your wedding flowers, you will have a stress-free experience, knowing your flowers are in good hands.

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