Pro Makeup

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You catch sight of your reflection and can’t help but smile.

That is the power of Blush Pro Makeup.

“I truly believe that when you feel beautiful, you will feel confident and ready to make memories to treasure for a lifetime” ~ Candice Mills - Matthee

I began raiding my mom’s makeup bag when I was 9 and never wanted to leave that world of powder compacts and lipstick. The nostalgic smell of cosmetics and feeling of glamour, I was addicted! It has been my absolute dream come true to share this passion with many unique and wonderful women for more than 17 years. Blush Pro Makeup will capture the look that you want. Making every angle your best side.

Beautiful, calm and radiant - that’s how you’ll feel as Candice works her magic. A makeup artist who is also your ally during a potentially stressful time - you can rely on Candice to keep you relaxed and looking your absolute best.

    • Sulet Fourie

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