Maureen Image
Specialist &
Makeup Artist

"If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it.""
Ruthie Lindsey

TopVendor Member & 2017 Best Bridal Makeup Participant

Maureen's brand of beauty is the most outstanding manifestation of beauty, the subtle, slightly understated, dignified brand of beauty. Her approach to beauty is holistic. She is an excellent make-up artist, image specialist and consultant. For over twenty years beauty has been her vocation, her passion and her life.

As an image specialist Maureen will emphasize your beauty. In her world no average person exists, only people who do not realize their own beauty. However, beauty is not just a pretty face. She will also show you that beauty is a special brand involving decorum and deportment. Maureen will be your consultant. She will coach you how to approach different situations and settings. Your beauty will become your very own unique brand.

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