Dust and Dreams

“A photograph is time torn”

TopVendor Member & Pro Wedding Photography Participant 2017

We treasure beauty, grace, art and serenity which life has in such abundance and all things beautiful and riveted with stories. This could mean Africa and its creatures one day, a smitten couple the next, the dirty streets of Delhi, a girl dreaming about her wedding day, two families about to bind their futures together or even the isolated forests of Romania.

These are our charmed treasures, all things whimsical and fun, made of dust and dreams. We are photographers, dreamers, conservationists, realists, idealists, magicians, story tellers and above all we are mirrors of life. We photograph using natural light and aim to capture the most beautiful version of a true moment in time.

Our style is contemporary and timeless. We love to travel around the world and Africa to capture those elusive moments and are currently at home in an old farmhouse in Mpumalanga… “We let our lives mix with our dreams like two coloured paints, until we didn’t know which is what.” [Atticus poet]