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They make sure everything runs smoothly without problems, help finalize the oh-so-challenging guest list and dealing with last minute disasters without breaking a sweat that create those wow-moments.


The business section of TopVendor Wedding Awards celebrates the best businesses and service professionals in the wedding industry. Each subcategory is exclusive with limited space and a strict selection criteria.

Participants enter their business as a whole, showcasing their entire work portfolio. This platform highlights not only their exceptional talents, but also their excellent service in satisfying their customers wedding needs.

The public decide the winners and therefore participants need to have built and maintained positive relationships with their clients to do well in this section.

Businesses who participate in this section of the awards are confident in their performance as a whole and strive to be the best in their field. We believe that being voted the fan’s favourite is fantastic recognition for your hard work and dedication in the wedding industry.

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Who won in the 2016 TWA?

Have a look at our 2016 winners and finalists.

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