Wedding Videography

Having your wedding filmed ensures you remember every detail and see those moments you would have otherwise missed. You not only want the elements that will tell the story of your wedding but also those that reflect the feelings and the atmosphere of that special once-in-a-lifetime event.


By entering in the 2019 TopVendor Wedding Awards participants have the opportunity to highlight a specific aspect or piece of work from their business. The aspect needs to be a recent (this season), relevant (according to strict selection criteria) and a visual piece of work, showcasing unique talent.

This year all participants' work will be judged anonymously by an esteemed panel of judges. Using their extensive knowledge, experience and talent in the wedding industry they will determine the 2019 winners.

Read more about how our platfom works here.

How can you enter the awards?

Pop us an email with your details and in which category you are interested in entering. Pay the awards registration fee and send us the work that you are entering.

What videos can you submit?

Best Highlights Film - The highlight reel is what every bride and groom wants to share. This is the shortened version of the "full" wedding video. Highlight reels is an opportunity for participants to showcase the best-of-the-best footage!

Best Creative Cut - This is also a highlight film, but the techniques used to create the video is different. It could be from the way it has been edited or how the videographer captured the video.

Best Creative Cut

Who won in the 2018 TWA?

Have a look at our 2018 winners and finalists.

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