We are thrilled to showcase such a beautiful shoot today! We are obsessed with all the beautiful colours, the sunset and the amazing vendors who brought this all together. Carlien from JCclick tells us more about the shoot...

"We have all been moved by the virus that has come so unexpectedly into our world. It has changed how we think and how we do our day to day lives.It has stolen so much joy for so many brides and grooms that have been planning their wedding for years. We believe that if life throws you lemons, make lemonade.With a larger budget for planning a much smaller wedding, you can really now go all out and get that perfect dress and beautiful exotic flowers that would have been cut from the budget in exchange for a plate of food to perhaps someone you don't even know.

You can now go to a location that would have been impossible with 120 guests but now possible with 20 of your closet friends and family members.To us, the true essence of why we get married has been enlightened to us all. It is to be able to spend the rest of your life with that one person. That one person who gets you excited to wake up in the morning to.That person that keeps you awake at night, as you ly and wait for their safe return back home.That one person you get to do life with."

JCclick won the 2017 Elite Wedding Photography category. Florence Guest Farm won the 2018 Top Country Wedding Venue category and Smitsfield Farm won the 2019 Best Reception Venue category. Honey Bee Baker won the 2019 Best Styled Cake Design category.


Venue | @florenceweddingvenue
Styling | @smitsfieldvenue
Flowers | @floral_by_dd
Makeup @makingfacesbygerde
Cake | @honey_bee_baker
Bride | @freespirt_jana
Dress | @anelbothac
| @beaudell_jewellery
Nails | @yolandibc
Photography | @JCclick  

developed by HUEBELLA
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