If you are looking to get in shape before your big day, then we suggest you read our recent Q&A with Tessa from Tone & Tone Bridal Health Coaching. They have created a flexible, adaptable program that will fit in with your busy schedule!

Tell us more about Trim & Tone Bridal Health Coaching.

Trim & Tone Bridal Health Coaching is a 90-day one-on-one program, that guides and supports women through a healthy, balanced sustainable method to reach their desired body goals for their wedding day and thereafter. By combining personalized meal plans, customized workout plans, mindfulness, and accountability, we are able to help women reach these goals without feeling overwhelmed. Rather we want to take the stress of our brides, allowing them to enjoy the planning and preparation season of engagement because this is a special time and we want them to be present and happy.

Could you tell us more about your program?

Pillar 1: Education
We don't just tell you what to do but we educate you on why you are doing it. Our hope after 12 weeks is to have you be your own coach, knowing exactly how to eat for YOUR body and MOVE for your body, and to be able to include it into your routine and schedule with no fuss
Pillar 2: NutritionĀ 
It is so important to look at what you are eating when it comes to getting into shape. That is why we have a nutritionist on board to help you with your daily diet. Tess designs a personalized meal plan for you to follow. It is tailored around foods you like to eat as well as the goals you would like to reach.
Pillar 3: Movement
We say movement because it is not necessary to kill your body every day with exercise. We teach you to move FOR your body and your goals. Your trainer will be watching you, coaching you, and guiding you on two zoom workouts a week, and for the other days of movement, you will be assigned what to do for those days. Leaving you to not have to think too much about what to do, but teaching you how to do it, so that in 12 weeks time you can know exactly what to do. The workouts are designed especially for YOU and your level of fitness. We have got you šŸ˜‰Ā 
Pillar 4: Support
This is probably the most important pillar because it is here that you are kept accountable every day to achieve those goals. With the direct one-on-one support from your coaches, checking in with you daily, to the group support you will receive from the other women in theĀ program. T&T believes in community, connection, and empowering one another. It is not easy following a healthy and fitness program, there are challenging times, BUT with the accountability, and people to answer to, you are guaranteed to succeed! This we promise you!

What can brides expect when signing up with you?

When brides sign up to the program, the first step is getting onto a call with our nutritionist Tessa Revell, who will run through some important questions around your diet and goals, and understand what that looks like in a detailed way. From there she will get the bride to do a food diary for three days so she can get a feel and understanding of what the bride likes to eat etc, from there she can build a suitable meal plan to fit the brides preferences and goals.

The bride will receive a welcome email with everything she will need to know, links to our communication platforms as well as a PDF doc of the T&T BIBLE. The Lifestyle Manual has everything you want to know, including recipes, grocery lists, mini workouts, important information about gut health etc. Once all the admin is done, the bride will prepare to start the program on the given date, where she and the other women will all start on the same day, which will be a Monday. The program includes 12 weeks on guidance, structure and support, daily check ins keeping one accountable, personalized meals plans, customized workouts tailored to their level of fitness, The lifestyle Manual, weekly check in calls with the coaches, monthly assessments, weekly challenges to up your fitness and group Q&A calls with your fellow T&T Brides and the coaches.

How can brides book or get hold of you?

Click on the link to our website and book a discovery call with us. Lets chat about you and your goals and see if T&T is what you are looking for https://tandthealthcoachin.wixsite.com/my-site

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