January 22, 2024

Misty Kisses Photography

Dreamy, Authentic & Romantic Storytelling.

Your wedding is a once-in a lifetime event, planned meticulously to reflect who you are as a couple. The last thing you want is to choose a photographer who forces you to cheesy smile into the camera the whole day, like your parents did in the 80's. We've heard it at almost every wedding, someone who reflects on being in the uncomfortable position asks the Bride or Groom- “are your cheeks hurting from smiling yet?” 
Today we bring you someone who changes the game:

Kayla, the talented soul behind Misty Kisses Photography, brings a unique and warm approach to weddings. With her easy-going personality, eye for beauty and zest for connection. She doesn't just show up and photograph your wedding- she authentically tells your story. Imagine looking back on your wedding photos and seeing YOU. Your unique love- playful, gentle or “quirky”. In between the dreamy images of your day, you'll find little moments that you didn't have time to admire. Your friends and family enjoying a drink and laughing at the bad joke your uncle just told, or something as simple as how the light shone through the trees so beautifully at your ceremony area. The little moments that make you feel.
Kayla knows just how to bring out personality in her images, by utilising prompting instead of posing- She'll guide you to the right light/location and prompt you in a way in which you FEEL the moment. There's no stiffness, just movement, quiet moments, laughter, some (bad) puns, and probably some happy tears along the way. The perfect balance, because although her imagery is emotive, it still looks romantic and dreamy enough to have hopped right out of a fairytale.
Finding a Photographer who treats your wedding as an opportunity to document a love story is something truly rare. Something that this wonderful human seems to do so easily. Your wedding isn't just a number to her- each moment holds meaning.
+27 63 830 2713
Gauteng, South Africa

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